Posted by: Jeremy Fox | March 1, 2012

From the archives: all the reasons why coexisting species should be similar rather than different

No time for any substantive posts for a little while, as I’m swamped with grant writing and teaching. So here’s one of my favorite posts from the archives. It’s about all the reasons why coexisting species should be similar to one another rather than (or in addition to) different. If you think that niche differences are all that matter for coexistence, or that the only reason coexisting species might be similar to one another is “habitat filtering”, you’re wrong, and you ought to read this post.

I suggest in the post that someone (not me) ought to expand the post into a provocative review paper on this topic. I’m dead serious about that, I think it would become a very widely-cited paper. And I don’t even need any credit, though if you decide to write the paper I do hope you’ll submit it to Oikos as a “Forum” article (again, seriously).

Okay, back to work.


  1. arrggh! that same wordpress button just got me! seriously, I like this archive post a lot. It shows me just how comprehensive of a thinker one must be to have new ideas in this science.

    • Good to know I’m not the only one to get bitten by this bug. 😉 Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon (though the fact that no one caught this bug before the update was released doesn’t inspire confidence…)

      Re: “comprehensive” thinking, the key thing is to read broadly (including old stuff) but critically. You don’t want to be ignorant of relevant things others have said, but nor do you just want to just uncritically accept everything others have said.

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