Posted by: Jeremy Fox | February 28, 2012

Dave Vasseur and I are seeking a postdoc applicant (UPDATED – now filled)

UPDATE FEB. 29: Dave and I have lined someone up for this. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest.

Dave Vasseur and I are preparing a big grant application to look at the effects of demographic and environmental stochasticity on spatial population dynamics (particularly spatial synchrony), using a tightly-linked combination of mathematical models and microcosm experiments. This is a developing line of research that’s been very successful for us so far (Vasseur and Fox 2007 Ecol. Lett., 2009 Nature, Fox et al. 2011 Ecol. Lett.). There may be an evolutionary component to the grant as well, involving experimental evolution in bacteria.

We plan to propose two postdocs as part of the grant, and the rules of the funding agency to which we are applying (the JSMF) oblige us to name the postdocs we plan to hire as part of the application. We already have one person lined up, but need to line up a second.

Ideally, we’d like someone who has, or is interested in gaining, experience with laboratory microcosm experiments. Strong quantitative skills are a plus. But we’re casting our net broadly here–if you’re interested, please do get in touch.

Location is negotiable (one of the postdocs will be based in Calgary, the other at Yale). Position would be for 3 years. Salary and benefits would be in line with major federally-funded postdocs in the US and Canada. UPDATE: Start date is slightly flexible, but would be fall 2012 or early winter 2013.

The application deadline is Mar. 15, so if you’re interested, please email me ( ASAP, and include your CV and contact details for a couple of referees.

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