Posted by: Jeremy Fox | August 11, 2011

Blogging the ESA: Wednesday highlights

This is going to be very short, because it’s very late. Another excellent day of talks. Chi Yuan, Jon Shurin, and George Livingston lived up to my high expectations, and Carl Boettiger was so good he made my high expectations look like some sort of insult. Amy Downing and Erol Akcay were quite interesting, and I learned an awful lot about the ecology of algal biofuels from the excellent Val Smith (wish the engineers who work on this stuff would listen to what Val and Jon have to say). And I’ve received several very kind comments on my own talk, which is always flattering and gratifying. Check out the EEB and Flow if you want a more substantive summary, including coverage of some talks I couldn’t make due to time conflicts.


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  2. […] work: add some fish to eat the zooplankton. Ace fundamental ecologist Val Smith tried this, and as he reported at the last ESA meeting, it works. My buddy Jon Shurin also is taking fundamental ideas from community ecology and showing […]

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