Posted by: Jeremy Fox | May 19, 2011

Early reviews of the Oikos blog (UPDATED)

Early reviews of the Oikos blog are starting to come in from more established ecological bloggers, and so far they’re very positive:

The EEB and Flow

Denim and Tweed

Jabberwocky Ecology

Carl Boettiger

The Molecular Ecologist (we’ve made their blogroll)

i’m a chordata! urochordata! (we’ve made the blogroll) UPDATE: i’m a chordata gave us a shout-out too!

UPDATE: Thanks to wasting words for adding us to their blogroll.

UPDATE: Thanks to the ESA’s Ecotone blog for adding us to their blogroll.

UPDATE: Very flattering review from the Canadian Field Naturalist blog. They even suggest an, um, interesting avatar for the typical Oikos editor.

UPDATE: Thanks to phytography for adding us to their blogroll. An exceptionally interesting and thoughtful science blog from a marine plankton ecologist. If you like the stuff I write about, you’ll like the stuff she writes about.

UPDATE: The Virgina Tech hydrology lab highlights us.

UPDATE: Thanks for the shout out from Biological Posteriors.

It’s good to feel like we’re on the right track and filling a niche that our fellow ecologists want to see filled.

All of the above are well worth reading, by the way–lots of really thoughtful stuff.


  1. Welcome, Oikos! I look forward to checking out your posts

    • Thanks! Good to know the word is getting out about the blog.

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