Posted by: cjlortie | March 1, 2011

Welcome to the Oikos blog

Welcome to the Oikos blog.  This is a space for authors, readers, and the ecological community at large to post and leave comments.  We would love to see photos, discussions, and inquiries about papers published in the journal here.  We want to further the dissemination and publication process in ecology and evolution in addition to traditional peer-reviewed publications. We hope this can be a space for our community to have more dynamic access to dialogue and timely dissemination.  Importantly, we hope this will be a space for the community to connect with each other – authors, editors, staff, and readers – all the people that make ecology and evolution so vibrant and healthy as a discipline.


  1. We need an RSS feed. And we need to do some emailing or something to let our colleagues (esp. the ones who blog) know of our existence. An Ecolog post would be one place to start.

  2. Great ideas. I will look into the RSS feed for us. Also, the ecolog post.

  3. […] journal recently started a rather nice blog. A journal long responsible for some of the best examples of developing and […]

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