Posted by: oikosasa | March 7, 2014

Factors affecting carbon cycling in Sphagnum

Now on Early View: A study about functional traits in Sphagnum and how it affects carbon cycling. “Tradeoffs and scaling of functional traits in Sphagnum as drivers of carbon cycling in peatlands” by C.G. Laing and co-workers. Below is the author’s own summary of the study:

The effect of temperature on the decomposition of vegetation has been extensively studied within the climate debate. However, the functional traits of vascular plants have been shown to strongly effect decomposability independently of temperature.


Our study  in Oikos explored whether functional traits could explain decomposition of the peat-forming moss Sphagnum since its growth plays a substantial role in global carbon storage.  We coupled classical approaches with the first allometric scaling calculations for Sphagnum to identify water and light availability as controls on growth strategy that impact decomposition rates. It is our hope that our fellow researchers will test the scaling relationships developed here further.


Image: Sample collection 07-09-2010 on Ryggmossen Bog, Sweden

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