Posted by: oikosasa | February 14, 2014

Bob Holt – prize winner 2014

Last week, the annual Oikos meeting was held in Stockholm. This year as a Nordic event, with speakers from both Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The big happening was of course, that Prof. Bob Holt was awarded the Per Brink award.

Bob gave a fantastic talk, managing to turn theoretical ecology to an exciting fairytale!

Bobs talk

After the talk, Oikos’ Editor in Chief, Dries Bonte and Managing Editor, Åsa Langefors (on the photo) handed over the diploma and the glass apple.

Bob prize

The diploma is a wonderful piece of artwork, painted by biologist and artist Linnea Fredriksson Linnea reads most of the awardee’s scientific work and uses the study species and focus to create the picture.

Take a closer look at Bob’s diploma:


Congratulations Bob!

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