Posted by: oikosasa | December 17, 2013

Hurray! We have a new cover!

We are very happy to present our cover for 2014! As you might recall, we had a photo competition to find a  nice photo showing ecology in action. And we have a winner!


Congratualtions Prof. Erik Svensson, Lund to the fantastic photo of emerald damselflies!

Here, Erik describes the photo:

The emerald damselfly (Lestes sponsa) is a common insect that is often found mating and ovipositing in the vegetation close to the small ponds where the larvae will later develop. Mating starts with the male clasping a female on her prothorax and so-called “tandem formation”, before sperm transfer. here are two couples (males are green, females are brown) that have formed tandems, and by accident, a chain of our has been formed. The picture was taken in the province of Skåne, (Southern Sweden) in the summer of 2010.

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