Posted by: oikosasa | April 18, 2013

Welcome Susan Harrison – new SE

We are very happy to welcome Prof. Susan Harrison from UC Davies, USA, to our editorial board.
 susan at sensitive plant canyon 

My research seeks to understand the processes that shape and maintain plant species diversity at the landscape scale, where small-scale forces such as competition and facilitation interact with large-scale forces such as niche evolution and dispersal.  In the past few years, one particular focus has been to understand what characteristics of plant species and communities make them more or less susceptible to climate change, as well as to other interacting perturbations like fire, grazing, and invasion.  We’ve found that plant communities on nutrient-poor serpentine soils seem to respond less strongly to natural and experimental climatic variation than other communities, but we don’t yet understand the roles of soil properties, plant traits, and emergent community properties in causing this pattern.

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GG burn wildflowers 7

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