Posted by: oikosasa | September 13, 2012

Gender bias in invited Nature papers

” fewer women than men are offered the career boost of invitation-only authorship in each of the two leading science journals”, states researcher Daniel Conley, from the Department of Geology in Lund.

Together with his colleague Johanna Stadmark he critices this gender bias in an article in Nature recently

I would be both very proud and very surprised if I could state that such discrimination does not occur at Oikos. But I’m afraid I can’t. Until recently we have however not invited researchers to write papers, so in that category of articles we dont’t have any large dataset to analyse.  I am rather convinced that our EiC for Forum papers (including some newly invited manuscripts), Dustin Marshall will be careful when inviting man after man after man in the future…

Are you convinced of your own unprejudiced mind? Check your prejudice status at this site. Many variants to choose between, but go for the most relevant one – gender and science! The test is about associations, not conscious decisions.


  1. You link in the post to Project Implicit is broken:

    • Thanks for letting me know. it should work now! I’ll take a closer look at your blog, looks interesting!

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