Posted by: cjlortie | August 9, 2012

DataUp interview with Carly Strasser at ESA2012

Here’s a quick interview about DataUp and how authors and journals can participate.


  1. Thanks for a nice interview Chris!
    I agree that it is good with more open access to data already published, but I also think that we should consider how we in the future provide quality check of the data. If all that is needed to enter data is an e-mail address if may become very difficult to know when you have good and when you have poor data.
    Right now we are flooded with data and information and do not find enough people (reviewers) to check up on the quality. Using social media more will just increase our time spent in unchecked media and hence there is a risk that we loose the review system that is quite important for science. Our reviewing system is indeed quite heavy and slow, but could we find an alternative to this and still keep a thorough quality check? If so then I think we get closer to get out data faster

  2. great point. we should hire a full time data/stats editor to check data submissions associated with papers.

  3. It is now live.

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