Posted by: oikosasa | July 31, 2012

Inspiration from Tallinn

A couple of weeks ago, the Oikos Editorial Office attended the conference “Editing in the Digital World”, organized by EASE (European Association for Science Editors) in Tallinn. Apart form giving us the opportunity to explore the midevial Estonian capital, it provided us with some really productive and creative inspiration.

It was especially two plenary talks that got us going on the new digital editing world. First, Deborah Khan from BioMedCentral, London talked about “Open Access and Digital Models”. We are heading there. Sooner or later. To Open Access. Yes, Oikos as well. The questions are just how and when? Deborah made it sound much easier than we had conisdered before, giving some answers to those questions. The answer to the second question is now: A bit sooner that we had counted on… The most tricky problem to solve first is of course the financial one (it’s always about money…). Who will pay?

The second inspiring talk was held by Alan J Cann from Annals of Botany, talking about “Social Media and Academic Publishing”. And here we are! In social media! The blog is a firts step already taken, but you can soon follow us on Facebook as well. What other social media should we be at? Where do you mingle?

Oikos’ former Managing Editor, now Director of the Editorial Office, Linus Svensson and Journal of Avian Biology’s Managing Editor Johan Nilsson. Herb beers served in medivial “glasses” at olde Hansa.

Big celebration with birthday cake for EASE turning 30! In City Town Hall.


  1. Hi Åsa,

    Please keep us as up to date as possible with the Oikos OA policy. At the moment, I guess currently, you fall under some general Wiley policy (but please correct me if I’m wrong) – $3000 a paper is currently quoted on the website.

    This is higher than some ‘competitors’ (OA journal titles), but in line with others. Does the Nordic Ecological Society have any particular aims about making science as easily available as possible (to further goals of education)? Could Oikos renegotiate terms with Wiley, to become a more financially attractive option to authors submitting papers? With the web-induced changes in the scientific publishing industry, could Oikos attract even higher quality contributions partly through a competitive pricing policy? Is the Editorial board actively discussing these (or related) things now?

    Looks like you enjoyed Tallinn – it’s a beautiful place!

  2. Hi Mike
    Yes, you’re right we’re a bit stuck in Wiley’s policy. But I can assure you, this issue is absolutely discussed in the editorial board! We’ll keep you updated!

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