Posted by: oikosasa | July 19, 2012

Oikos’ own jazzsinger

We are very proud to have our own jazzsinger in the Oikos Editorial Board. I’m talking about our Subject Editor Lonnie Aarssen, Queen University, Kingston Canada.

When not holding the microphone in his hand, Lonnie is doing research within the field of Plant Ecology and Evolution. His special interest is in the development and testing of new hypothesis and conceptual models. These interpret adaptive strategies for growth, survival and reproduction, and how these strategies affect abundance, distribution, composition, diversity and productivity.

Lonnie has also started to bring evolutionary thinking to the area of Human Affairs, giving courses where students “apply Darwinian evolutionary theory to the interpretation of culture and human nature, and how these effects impact on civilization and the challenges it faces for
the 21st century.” Sounds really thrilling and interesting to me!

Lonnie is also Editor at the realtively new journal “Ideas in Ecology and Evolution”.

Read more about Lonnie here:

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