Posted by: Jeremy Fox | July 1, 2012

Evolution 2012: use the scheduling app

Presenters at Evolution 2012 know about this, but I’m not sure if all attendees do: there’s a slick app for making your personal schedule. You can access if from any browser-equipped device. Its fully searchable as well as browsable, it auto-updates if there are cancellations (nice!), it includes profiles of all presenters and attendees (you can update your own profile to add all sorts of information). It also lets you take and email notes, but  I’m guessing most attendees already have their own preferred apps for doing that.

The ESA has had a browser-based scheduling app for years, and while I think it’s still pretty good, it’s not optimized for mobile devices and lacks some of the features of the Evolution 2012 app. Might be time for the ESA to look into upgrading.

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