Posted by: oikosasa | June 12, 2012

New Managing Editor

  Hi everybody

My name is Åsa Langefors, I’m the new Managing Editor at Oikos. After the two initial  months at the office, I have now started to learn the routines and to get aquainted with editors, authors and reviewers. i.e. with Oikos. And just as things started to  find their place in my brain, we switched over to ScholarOne for handling of manuscripts. New stuff to learn, new routines etc. But the new system has so far run smoothly and I hope everybody will have some patience for possible confusions that might arise in the beginning.

I have my background in Molecular Ecology, having studied MHC-genes in fish as a PhD-student and post-doc. During the last five years, I have combined a career as a freelance journalist with work at the university in a research school in Genomic Ecology (with a special interest in so called soft skills, including carreer development, personal development, how to deal with gender issues etc.) and in a EU-project in Soil Ecology. I am sure that several parts of my quite mosaic background will be useful in my work with Oikos.

When not working, I spend time with my family, consisting of a husband and two kids and also a lot of time in my garden. In addition, when life is good, I think we have a duty to enjoy it. So, good cappuciono, fine wine, good food, doing workout (preferentially outdoors, like running, walking, skiing or skating) are important matters to me.

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