Posted by: Jeremy Fox | May 11, 2012

Turn your study system into a funny meme! (UPDATED)

In a previous post I expressed a bit of wariness that crowdfunded science, by requiring new forms of salesmanship on the part of scientists, might tend to favor style over substance.

But if the style is going to be this funny, I’m all for it! Zen Faulkes’ SciFund project is about the environmental and evolutionary drivers of gigantism in sand crabs. “Gigantism” is relative, of course–which Zen has illustrated with a great picture of a “giant” sand crab trying to beat the c**p out of his fingertip. The picture’s hosted on a meme generator site that lets you add your own caption, which a bunch of people have already done, and the results are hilarious. Go check it out!

Readers are encouraged to post their own pictures to the meme generator site and let us know in the comments.

(Beware that the site can be slow, which caused me to accidentally post a caption three times…)

UPDATE: Here are some samples:


  1. And if you want to know where all of this comes from, see Zen’s Japanese Monster Movie about these crabs here.

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