Posted by: Jeremy Fox | May 1, 2012

Oikos blog used as course material

In the past few weeks the Oikos blog has been getting visits from a Moodle site associated with the undergraduate Plant Ecology course offered by Berea College. I assume this means that one or more posts are being used as course material. I tried to contact the instructor to find out more, but didn’t hear back (maybe contacted the wrong person?). So I’ll just say that I’m flattered that anyone would find our posts sufficiently useful to make them worthy course material.

If you’re from Berea, I’d be interested to hear from you (in the comments, or via email) about how the Oikos blog is being used in the course.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell if the course site is directing students towards a specific post. But somehow I doubt that it’s this one. 😉


  1. To be fair, the blog also came up a few times in Peter Adler’s plant community ecology course at Utah State University last semester. Not surprisingly, the Oikos blog was mentioned by students and teacher alike when discussing mechanisms of species coexistence and refutations of the IDH.

    To use the urban nomenclature: real recognizes real.

    • Cool. Peter Adler’s a good friend, but I actually didn’t know that the blog came up in his course.

      I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the ESA and Evolution meetings this summer not just in the hopes of general feedback on the blog, but specific feedback on whether the IDH posts in particular are changing how people think and teach.

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