Posted by: Jeremy Fox | April 12, 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Price equation

…is covered in this review by the great Steven Frank. I know some readers think of me as ‘that Price equation guy’. But what I know (and continue to learn) about the Price equation, I mostly got from reading (and continuing to ponder) Steven Frank’s stuff.

This one paper includes a basic derivation and explanation of the Price equation, discussion of a huge range of technical and conceptual issues including some recent criticisms of the approach, and discussion of applications to various practical problems of interest to empiricists. There’s even an entire subsection devoted to a recent Oikos paper by myself and Ben Kerr, using an extension of the Price equation to explain how biodiversity affects ecosystem function! Like I said, I really admire Steven Frank’s work and I’ve learned a lot from reading him. So I’m quite flattered that he’d find something I’ve written on the Price equation interesting enough to be worth discussing in a major review.

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