Posted by: Jeremy Fox | March 9, 2012

Where do Oikos blog readers come from?

WordPress has started providing country-by-country data on where our (non-syndicated) page views come from. Here are of the data, which only cover the last few days:

  • We’ve had views from 89 countries in just the past few days!
  • Top 10 countries: USA (2506 views), Canada (700), UK (323), Brazil (262), Sweden (228), Australia (185), Spain (143), Germany (141), France (97), New Zealand (74).

I’m kind of surprised that we have readers from that many countries. I’m not surprised that the US, Canada, and the UK are 1-2-3, but I am surprised at some of the other country rankings (Norway and Finland not in the top 10?) I’m also interested in how the number of page views correlates, or doesn’t, with population size and native language. Here’s a plot for the top 10 countries:

The filled points and the regression line (R^2=0.95) are English speaking, open points are non-English speaking. As you can see, for English speaking countries our pageviews are closely related to population size, although much of the relationship is driven by the US. We’re disproportionately popular in Canada (and perhaps disproportionately unpopular in the UK?!) Pageviews from non-English speaking countries are unrelated to population size. Relative to population size, we may be more popular in Sweden (the leftmost open point) than we are in some English-speaking countries (thanks for reading, Swedes!)

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