Posted by: Jeremy Fox | February 20, 2012

Biggest week ever for the Oikos blog

Last week was the biggest week ever for the Oikos blog. No surprise, since I did a bunch of posting. But still: 3972 views, including 1124 syndicated views! That’s 567 views/day for those of you scoring at home.

It was also the biggest week ever just counting non-syndicated views (2848), even though our many of our non-syndicated views have been replaced by syndicated views since we started putting full posts rather than teasers in our RSS feed.

It’s a bit of a pain to add up the syndicated views since you have to do it by hand from the stats on individual posts. But assuming that the proportion of syndicated views this week was typical (it’s actually probably a bit higher than usual since we had a bunch of posts this week, but whatever), then in a typical week we’re getting 2800-3400 views, or well over 400/day.

Thanks for reading everybody!


  1. Who said anything about reading?

    • So that’s how you find so much time to comment–you don’t spend any time actually reading the posts. 😉

      • That could mess with my well-honed preconceptions…

  2. With all the posts on the art of modeling I started wondering whether “synthesizing ecology” in the Oikos subtitle means artificially making ecology. 🙂

    P.S.: Now, don’t take that earnest.

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