Posted by: Jeremy Fox | February 17, 2012

Another upcoming course on models in ecology

Friend of Oikos Blog Chris Klausmeier (“lowendtheory”) writes with details of a series of one-week summer courses on Enhancing Linkages between Mathematics and Ecology (ELME), to be offered at Kellogg Biological Station (MI, USA). I know all the instructors, they’re all excellent, ranging from the world-famous (Hal Caswell) to the someday-will-be-world-famous (Colin Kremer and Don Schoolmaster). Details below.


ELME is a summer educational program at the Kellogg Biological Station devoted to Enhancing Linkages between Mathematics and Ecology.

ELME 2012 will be a sequence of three courses covering: Week 1) Maximum Likelihood Estimation, week 2) Structural Equation Modeling, and week 3) Matrix Population Modeling. In this hands-on environment, students will learn the basics in a lecture setting and cement their knowledge with independent and collaborative modeling projects using the computer program R.

Dates: June 4-22, 2012

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5

Instructors: Week 1) Colin Kremer (Michigan State University), week 2) Don Schoolmaster (National Wetlands Research Center / USGS), and week 3) Hal Caswell (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)

Target audience: 12-18 graduate students or exceptional undergraduates

Prerequisites: At least one semester of statistics, undergraduate calculus, and familiarity with basic matrix manipulations Previous exposure to theoretical ecology and R useful but not required.

Format: A mixture of lecture, guided computer labs, and independent/team projects

To apply, email the following:

– your CV

– a statement of research interests and why you’d benefit from the course (< 1 page)

– a statement of relevant educational/research experience, including related coursework (< 1 page)

– the name of a reference who you’ve asked to email a letter of support

Deadline for applications: March 15, 2012

Preference will be given to students interested in all three courses.

Financial support to cover room and board and help defray transportation costs is available. Let us know if this is not necessary.

Academic credit is available, students of MSU and affiliated schools are encouraged to enroll.

For more info see <> or email


  1. I took the ELME courses last year and highly recommend them. They were rigorous, comprehensive, and really fun.

  2. I was really intimidated about going to ELME, but I’m really glad I went anyway. It was so much fun and I met a lot of really awesome people. It definitely had a huge impact on my career – I was ready to give up my science degree and become an actuary! ELME set me straight 🙂

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