Posted by: Jeremy Fox | February 16, 2012

Models in ecology course to be offered

My northern neighbor Mark Lewis, Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology, will be offering a course on “Models in ecology” for advanced undergrads and grad students at Bamfield Marine Station. Marty Krkosek is the co-instructor.

The course runs Apr. 30-May 18, 2012.

You have to apply to be admitted. Application deadline is Mar. 1. To apply, go here.

The course description is below. It sounds awesome. I especially like how the course is suitable for students from both empirical and theoretical backgrounds. And Mark is one of the very best people in the world at linking math and data, as well as a great teacher and a great guy. So if you want to learn how to do ecology the way I for one think it should be done, this is the course for you.


This course develops the methods, models and tools for quantitative ecology. Students learn to formulate, analyse, parameterize, and validate quantitative models for ecological processes and data. Applications include population dynamics, species interactions, movement, and spatial processes. Approaches involve classical hypothesis testing, computer simulation, differential equations, individual-based models, least squares, likelihood, matrix equations, Markov processes, multiple working hypotheses, and stochastic processes. A computer lab covers simulation and programming methods. Course discussion entails evaluation and appraisal of current literature. This course is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

Prerequisites: Introductory calculus, and statistics/biostatistics, or permission of the instructor(s).

This course is suitable both for field-based biology students and for mathematical/theoretical students who are interested in learning about how to connect models to data in an applied ecological setting.

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