Posted by: Jeremy Fox | January 4, 2012

Science songs

Sing About Science is a massive, free, searchable online database of science and math songs. There’s a huge range of professional-quality material, aimed at various ages, which is updated regularly. You can listen to, watch videos of, and/or purchase many of the songs online, via links the site provides. It’s the brainchild of, and curated by, a buddy of mine, University of Washington malaria researcher Greg Crowther, who also writes and performs his own science songs. Whether you’re looking for some science-y music for your kids, your students (songs can be a fun and effective teaching aid), or yourself, it’s one-stop shopping. And there’s a bunch of ecology and evolution stuff on there. Check it out!



  1. Very cool; looking forward to reading that article by LeDoux. Thanks for posting this.

    I once heard Jimmy Page (guitarist, Yardbirds, then Led Zeppelin) say that he had wanted to be a biologist when he was in high school, but then he got involved with his first band, and then filling in on studio sessions locally, and well, the rest is history as they say. I think you could argue that his wide interests were one of the things that made him a great musician.

    • Didn’t one of the guitarists from Queen get an astrophysics PhD a few years ago?

      • Yup — Brian May. I think he even teaches astrophysics now.

        Thanks for the plug, Jeremy!

      • Ah yes, I remember that now (but I knew you’d remember it without needing anyone to remind you!)

        You should totally track down Brian May’s contact details and alert him to Sing About Science. Try to talk him into writing a song about astrophysics. 😉

  2. The well known musician with the strongest ecological interests that I know of is Chuck Leavell, pianist with the Allman Brothers, Sea Level, the Rolling Stones. He runs a tree farm in Georgia, with a strong interest in sustainability forestry. He is a terrific musician and also a great dude overall.

  3. Dr. Greg Graffin, the vocalist of Bad Religion, probably the greatest American punk-rock band, got his PhD in Zoology from Cornell University; and the great William B Provine was his supervisor, indeed… He used to teach Paleontology in UCLA, don’t know if he still is. He wrote a rather interesting book (“Anarchy Evolution”), and the music form Bad Religion is simply great…
    Here’s some info:

    • That’s really cool, even though Bad Religion isn’t really my thing (though I’ve certainly heard of them).

  4. They Might be Giants Particle Man is a phenomenal science song, covering many orders of magnitude (but only one key signature).

    Of course, they went some better, by releasing an entire album “Here Comes Science”, which I’m now listening to. Awesome!

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