Posted by: Jeremy Fox | November 24, 2011

Advice: how to interview for a faculty position

Amusing and mostly good advice on interviewing for a faculty position from the Contemplative Mammoth.

I would add that overdressing can be as bad as underdressing. I overdressed for my first interview–jacket and tie. It just made me look uptight. If I could do it again I’d go for corduroy blazer, no tie. In everyday life, ecologists as a group are pretty casual–many dress like they might have to go into the field to collect data at any moment. If you dress up too much, you risk giving the impression that you secretly wish you were a molecular biologist.

And go ahead and have a glass of wine or a beer at the post-interview dinner if you want one, so long as you trust yourself not to let one drink turn into too many. Your hosts are basically looking for someone they’d like to have as a colleague. If you can relax and enjoy yourself at the post-interview dinner, that’ll come off well. Don’t have alcohol just to “fit in” though–just try to be yourself.



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