Posted by: Jeremy Fox | October 6, 2011

I am seeking more postdoc applicants (from certain countries)

I am seeking applicants for the Government of Canada Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships, and the Canadian Commonwealth Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships.

The former award is open to citizens of Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Russia and Switzerland. The latter award is open to citizens of New Zealand and the UK.

Both are one-year, non-renewable fellowships paying $36,500 CAD. Application deadline is Nov. 12, 2011. To be eligible, you must have completed your PhD within three years prior to the deadline (preferably two years).

I encourage applicants in any area of population, community, or evolutionary ecology. I am particularly interested in applicants whose skills complement my own, and who can complete, or make substantive progress on, a research project within the one-year timeframe. I am therefore especially interested in applicants with strong mathematical, statistical, and/or programming skills. I anticipate that successful applicants could pursue a mixture of their own work, and work on a collaborative project of mutual interest.

Click the links for application details (which are slightly unusual). Please email me ( with any questions.


  1. Just wondering why the second post doc scholarship is not available for Australians?

    • You’d have to ask the Canadian government.

  2. Unhappily, I don’t have phd degree…yet

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