Posted by: Jeremy Fox | September 26, 2011

Ecologist interview: Jeremy Fox

Sarcozona’s interview with yours truly now up. Thanks again to her for offering me the opportunity, it was flattering to be asked and fun to do.

In the interview I reveal the ecology paper that most impressed me. Many folks who know me are likely to find my choice surprising, at least at first (the explanation is that I’m always most impressed by stuff I couldn’t imagine myself ever doing). There’s actually a funny anecdote associated with my choice, which Sarcozona chose not to include in her post but which I’ll reveal here. In my first faculty job interview, Steve Stearns asked me to name what I thought was the best paper in ecology from the past 10 years. I named the same paper I named to Sarcozona. Steve immediately shot back “But you don’t do anything like that!” I was well and truly caught out (Steve has a well-deserved reputation for always thinking at least one question further than anyone else). There are a number of replies I could’ve made to avoid the implication that I am not, by my own admission, working on the most important problem in ecology, but I think I just stammered rather than making any of them. Oh well, live and learn.

On the theory that everyone is most impressed by work very different from their own (because why would you be impressed with something you could’ve done yourself?), I like to think that the authors of the paper I chose are totally blown away by Fox (2006). 😉

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