Posted by: Jeremy Fox | September 22, 2011

Sally Otto: genius

Evolutionary geneticist Sally Otto of the University of British Columbia has been awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (colloquially known as a ‘genius grant’). She does important and wonderfully incisive work on the evolution of sexual reproduction, and also wrote (with Troy Day) a great textbook on mathematical modeling in ecology and evolution.  Congratulations Sally!

p.s. MacArthur Fellowships are for the equivalent of about 5 years’ salary, and they can be spent on anything. When I was an undergrad, my animal behavior professor Heather Williams got one. All the students started kidding her with silly ideas about what to spend the money on. I’m sure Sally would love your suggestions on this. 😉 If I got one, the first thing I’d do is have a t-shirt made that read “Genius”. 😉

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