Posted by: Jeremy Fox | September 19, 2011

Zombie ideas: the motivational poster

Why yes, I am procrastinating this morning–why do you ask?

Created with this free online tool. Procrastinating readers are encouraged to create and send in their own ecology- or evolution-related mock motivational posters (not necessarily involving zombies). If you can’t post images in the comments, just email them to me ( I’ll post any really good ones I receive.


  1. Is it time to do one of these for the intermediate productivity-diversity relationship, too?

    • I was just joking with Peter Adler (who’s a good friend) about whether he thinks he’s finally killed off the zombie idea that diversity should peak at intermediate productivity. We both doubt he has; after all the IDH is still going strong.

  2. […] Various people have been begging me to do a post on the humped diversity-productivity relationship as a zombie idea–a widely-believed idea that should be dead, but isn’t. And since my motto in blogging is “Give the people what they want!”*, here it is! […]

  3. […] accumulation of experience and evidence? Or was it suddenly, perhaps thanks to a single paper (or zombie joke-based blog post) that opened your eyes and caused you to see the world in a new […]

  4. […] Zombie ideas: the motivational poster […]

  5. […] remains to be seen if “me wielding zombie jokes” turns out to be powerful. If it does, this is what I’m going to […]

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