Posted by: Jeremy Fox | August 23, 2011

Interview with former Oikos editor and author Nick Gotelli

Now up at Sarcozona.

One interesting tidbit I didn’t know: Nick is a big fan of the work of statistician Brad Efron, and recommends that ecologists should read more of Efron’s work. Seems like a good idea to me (if you didn’t know, Efron is the guy, along with R. J. Tibshirani, who invented bootstrapping).

Another interesting tidbit I didn’t know: Nick once worked on sexual selection in parasitic barnacles. Always fun to learn that someone who’s well-known for work in one system once worked on some totally different system. My colleague Lawrence Harder, the world’s leading expert on the evolution of plant flowering strategies, used to work on beavers. Anyone else know of any other examples?

UPDATE: Nick actually resigned from the Oikos board after becoming EiC at another journal; title of post updated accordingly (now we just need to update the Oikos website accordingly!)

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