Posted by: Jeremy Fox | August 17, 2011

Ecology interviews

Sarcozona interviewed a number of ecologists at the ESA meeting; the post on her first interview (with grad student and blogger Aaron Berdanier) is now up, with more to follow. She’s elected to go with a summary format rather than question-and-answer, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to allow the interviewee’s voice to come through. Then again, she didn’t record the interviews for fear of putting off some interviewees, which may have dictated the style choice for the write-ups. Whatever, it’s still a good read; she is a very enthusiastic summarizer! You should still click through and read this and all the subsequent interviews (including one with yours truly).

Once the series is over I’m hoping she’ll do a post or two reflecting on the experience, comparing and contrasting different interviewees (all of whom were asked some of the same questions), etc.

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