Posted by: Jeremy Fox | August 7, 2011

Blogging the ESA: Talks to see on Thursday

Ok, writing paragraph-length previews for the highlighted talks is taking too long. So I’m keeping this short and sweet.

8:30 am, Ballroom B: Vasseur et al. on coexistence via neighbor-dependent selection. Dave’s super-smart, and he gives a great talk. He’ll be explaining when adaptive evolution promotes ecological coexistence, and when it doesn’t. Go.

8:40 am, room 10B: Koelle and Rasmussen on linking viral disease ecology to its evolutionary dynamics. Katia Koelle is also super-smart, and also gives a great talk. So you should find a way to be in two places at once and go see this too.

9 am, room 12B: Brooks et al. on detecting among-individual variation in growth without marking individuals. Always intriguing to hear someone claim they can do what you’d think would be impossible.

9:10 am, Ballroom E: Ellner et al. on ecological impacts of rapid evolution. It’s the Steve Ellner, who is awesome in more respects than most people have respects. And it involves the Price equation. What more reason do you need to go?

10:25 am, Ballroom E: Schreiber et al. on how intraspecific variation affects the dynamics of apparent competition and intraguild predation. Never seen Seb Schreiber talk, but his papers are great. I’m going.

10:45 am, Ballroom E: Bolnick et al. on when intraspecific variation matters for ecology. Yes, the paper on which this talk is based has already been published. But Dan Bolnick is The Man, plus he’s an Eph and an old friend. I’m going.

1:30 pm, room 10B: Rasmussen et al. on inferring multistrain pathogen dynamics from geneologies. Another talk about how to do the seemingly impossible.

2:10 pm, room 15: Hall et al. on disease spread in Daphnia. Spencer Hall gives a great and very entertaining talk. His energy and sense of humour are exactly what you’ll need to wake you up by Thursday afternoon.

2:30 pm, room 18A: Simonis on dispersal and spatial synchrony of population dynamics. Theoretical talk on a subject I work on, which seems to come to conclusions rather different than mine. I’m going.

4 pm, room 8: Supp et al. on using field experiments to do macroecology. Yes, you can do this.


  1. […] Thursday at 4 pm in Room 8 Sarah Supp will give a talk on her work looking at the impacts of experimental manipulations on macroecological patterns (highlighted as a talk to see by Oiko’s blog) […]

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