Posted by: Jeremy Fox | May 24, 2011

There are questions you shouldn’t ask…

…because you might not like the answer. For instance, last night I found myself asking “I wonder if people actually like my blog posts better than my papers?”

Don’t answer that.


  1. Ha! And THAT is why I like it that more ecologists are moving online and making our global discussion of Science happen here on the web.

    • Dammit Jarrett, I *said* don’t answer that! 😉

      • (couldn’t resist….)

  2. You’re not worried that the answer might start with “yes, but only because…”, are you?

    • Depends what it’s only because of. “Only because I’m not an expert in ecology and so find your papers too technical,” would not worry me. “Only because I think your papers are so boring they could be prescribed as sedatives,” would worry me. 😉

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