Posted by: cjlortie | February 27, 2011

Linus Svensson Biography

In 1980 he pulled up his roots from the nourishing soils of Småland and moved down to Lund University to study biology. After completing basic training he moved on with studies in systematic botany which resulted in a Ph. D. thesis in 1990 “Stamen number regulation in Scleranthus (Caryophyllaceae)” where he described the influence of crossing distances on stamen numbers. Continuing his work at the Department for Systematic Botany, LU, Linus was and is interested in issues associated with small plant populations and population genetics.

Being the Managing Editor of Oikos, head of Oikos Editorial Office, Technical Editor of Ecological Bulletins and Web Ecology and in addition producing the homepages for our journals, only limited time is available for other commitments like participating in the development of research strategies in biodiversity and being a member of the Council of European Association of Science Editors.

When not working, he will probably be found with a rifle hunting for moose or wildboar or trying to catch the big northern pikes in the Swedish archipelago, or in the kitchen trying to cook the catch.


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